Toilets Black Vitreous China, Black Sheffield Deluxe One-piece Toilet Dual-Flush

Our Sheffield Dual Top-Flush, One-Piece China Toilet In Black provides the flush you need, while saving water. This new addition to the Sheffield family boasts a sleek, seamless one piece design and a dual flush system. Furthermore, the Sheffield is unique because it allows you the flexibility and savings of a dual flush toilet at the price of a single flush. Features a 1.58 gallon (6 liters) regular flush, and a water saving 3 liter flush. Has a unique, top mounted chrome flush control and an elongated bowl. The toilet seat is not included.
Measures: 27-3/4" overall height. Bowl height 14-1/2" , Tank height 13-1/4". Tank width 18-3/8", Bowl width 14-1/2". Projection 29-3/8" w/ 15" rough-in.
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Due to Size and Weight of this Toilet, Special Freight and Handling Charges Apply. Please Contact Us so we can work out the Details.

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